Edition 121, September 2022

Message From the Publisher

By Tony Sciarrotta, Reverse Logistics Association

We just completed our first-ever RLA Leadership Summit in Nashville. The Summit was for Silver and higher members of the RLA and invited retailers. This informal event included a day for the RLA Advisory Board to discuss next steps and strategies for the RLA to continue the strong growth and revitalization since August 2016 when I took over the association. The Board considered ideas about memberships, Circular Economy projects, and new benefits for the RLA community. The RLA goals include focusing to reduce returns, processing returns for re-use, and reselling returns into the secondary marketplace. These are goals for all members of the RLA community, and reverse logistics as a cornerstone of the Circular Economy.
The Reverse Logistics Association has the support of almost 250 member companies, and we appreciate every one of the 10,000 community users who are part of those companies. As we approach the next RLA Conference & Expo, February 7-9 in 2023 at the Mirage Hotel, we have listened to the RLA industry leaders in Nashville, and we will add their suggestions to our Las Vegas event. As Publisher of RL Magazine and as Executive Director of your association, I am open to and appreciate every idea, all feedback, and every Contact Us note that crosses my desk. I promise to respond or have one of the great RLA team members follow up. Keep those cards and letters coming – or emails or calls.


Tony Sciarrotta

In 2016, Tony took over the Reverse Logistics Association and became the Executive Director and Publisher after 12 years of active involvement on the Advisory Board and on Committees. Tony has held various industry positions including 15 years in returns management at Philips. During his Philips years, Tony developed new reverse logistics strategies and implemented many new returns initiatives. He worked with retail partners and industry groups on best practices still being used. Tony then became an evangelist for improving the customer experience to reduce returns and their associated costs. Today, Tony is considered a subject matter expert in reverse logistics and speaks for the industry at conferences all over the world.