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  • Directory of Services is designed for Manufacturers, Retailers, 3rd Party Services Providers, etc. seeking partners for services or tools for their returns management processes.  RLA Member companies will be listed in the directory enabling Manufacturers and Retailers to shop for services.
  • Services are segmented as: Returns, Repair, Resell, Recycle and ResourcesServices examples include: software, equipment, specialty consulting, HR, and warehousing.
  • Company profiles pages will need to be updated for the most up-to-date company info.  Please refer to the Directory Tutorial (PDF) and Directory Video for information on how to update your company profile.   
  • RLA Services Directory is open for public search and access.  Non-members will be listed on-line below RLA Members with less detailed information. RLA Staff will be reviewing company profiles to determine if some non-member User of the Community will be included in the on-line and printed Directory.  The printed edition that will be sent to approximately 50,000 subscribers.
  • If you wish to opt out of your company being listed on the RLA site or the printed edition, contact the RLA by Aug 15, 2021.
  • There is Ad space available in both the on-line Services Directory and the print version Buyers Guide.
  • Only logged in members will see both Member and Non-Member companies.

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