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When Does Returns Management Begin? | White PapersDetails

2019 RLA Consumer Products Seminar- The Circular Economy | PresentationsDetails

Overview of steps to move to a circular economy, while discussing the obstacles for CE.

PODCAST- Returns and Reverse Logistics 101 – A Journey of Success | FeaturedDetails

An audio/video podcast with Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association, and Bill Baron, Co-Founder ITAD Technologies, discussing the challenges retailers and manufacturers face when dealing with client returns. 

2019 RLA Asia Summit- Cross Border Returns | PresentationsDetails

Overview of Cross border returns

2019 RLA Asia Summit- R2 Certification by Seri | PresentationsDetails

Reducing Risk in the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

2019 RLA Asia Summit- Cost reduction with Reverse Logistics | PresentationsDetails

To recycle, reduce and reuse provides environment friendly ways to reduce negative impacts of growing amounts of waste on the natural environment. 3R’s for keeping the earth, a better place to live and optimizing your cost of operations. The presentation examines Muthaiya's experiences on how  3R’s is used.

2019 RLA Asia Summit- Reverse Logistics Latest Strategies | PresentationsDetails

Latest Strategies in Reverse Logistics presented by Yogesh Sarin of Dell Technologies.