RLA staff speaks, attends, and/or exhibits at an event related to Reverse Logistics

September 23, 2019 E-Scrap Conference and Trade Show

Join the RLA's Executive Director, Tony Sciarrotta at the E-Scrap conference where you will learn how to take advantage of the economy to maintain and grow your business from the leading experts in the field of electronics recycling.

October 21, 2019 Consumer Returns 2019

Join the RLA at Consumer Returns 2019 in Austin, TX.  Within the past year alone, the reported total merchandise returns went up from $351 billion to $369 billion, and an estimated $24 billion was lost to return fraud and abuse. Is your reverse logistics organization ready to tackle increasing returns volumes and skyrocketing operational costs?  Use code CR19RLA for a 20% discount.

October 29, 2019 Air Cargo Americas 2019

Join The Reverse Logistics Association's Mark Erickson at Air Cargo Americas October 29 - October 31, 2019 at the Miami Airport & Convention Center.   Air Cargo Americas will bring together top executives from all sectors of the aviation, and logistics industries to exchange views and experiences to enhance the growth of the cargo industry in the Western Hemisphere.

November 10, 2019 Electronics Reuse Conference (E-Reuse)

In its 16th year, the Electronics Reuse Conference continues to provide the opportunity for people around the world working in the areas of electronics refurbishment and repair, asset management, electronics recycling, and digital inclusion to come together to network, build business relationships, discuss best practices, and learn new techniques for refurbishing and recycling electronics efficiently and cost effectively.   Use code RLA-ERC19 for 10% off.