RLA staff speaks, attends, and/or exhibits at an event related to Reverse Logistics

July 29, 2020 Retail Supply Chain Virtual USA

Join RLA's Tony Sciarrotta as he moderates a panel at the Retail Supply Chain Virtual USA event.  Retail Supply Chain Virtual USA is North America’s only virtual strategic knowledge sharing hub for retail’s strongest and most resilient retailers. It’s now no longer a secret that supply chains are the most important strategic pillar a company has. If this falls apart, the entire business falls.

October 29, 2020 Home Delivery World 2020

Home Delivery World USA covers Parcel, Heavy Goods, C-Stores, Data & Analytics, Grocery, Food Delivery, Pharma, Medical Devices, Intralogistics, Autonomous Vehicles, Alternative Fuels, Fleet Technologies, and Real Estate. Check out our brand new event prospectus to learn more.