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Events related to the Reverse Logistics Industry

Other events related to the Reverse Logistics Industry that RL Industry professionals can learn more about RL and network.

September 13, 2020 ASCM CONNECT

Join ASCM CONNECT in New Orleans for this remarkable three-day event and take a deep dive into best-in-class supply chain insights and solutions

New Orleans
September 17, 2020 Supply Chain Europe 2020 Virtual

Supply Chain Europe 2020 Virtual is the place where the crucial plans to future success will be laid out.

September 22, 2020 Home Delivery

Home Delivery World Europe's two-day conference and expo will cover Parcel, Heavy Goods, Supply Chain, Data & Analytics, Grocery, Cross Border and more.

October 7, 2020 Supply Chain USA Virtual

Supply Chain USA 2020 Virtual will unite key leaders from across all areas of supply chains, to provide leadership, build partnerships and shed light on the defining issue of our time.  This is your chance to hear from CEOs and CSCOs from across the industry, a testament to the critical importance of supply chain within contemporary organizations.  The most important supply chain event goes virtual. The biggest names across industry verticals including Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Logistics and Technology will come together for 2 days of sharing exclusive insight and lessons learned on every facet of supply chain excellence. It’s all here at the click of a button. Can you afford to miss out?