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Events related to the Reverse Logistics Industry

Other events related to the Reverse Logistics Industry that RL Industry professionals can learn more about RL and network.

June 25, 2024 K5 Conference 2024

THE FUTURE RETAIL PLATFORM K5 - the central point of contact for doers who are helping to shape e-commerce and future retail. Top retailers and service providers will exchange information about current situations and trends in the digital retail scene. As the leading e-commerce event, the K5 Conference brings together innovative technologies, global networking and hands-on knowledge to provide attendees with a holistic experience with industry-leading insights and business opportunities.

September 9, 2024 2024 Smarter Services™ Executive Symposium

Human-Connected Digital Journeys... The industry’s premier event for leaders in service, support, and customer experience for the purpose of learning, networking, and progressing their business transformations. The Smarter Services Executive Symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to meet and network in an environment conducive to advancing executive relationships. Guests will gain knowledge and insights from our keynote sessions, executive panels, research tracks, breakout sessions, transformational case-study workshops and more.

Chicago, IL