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Reverse Logistics In the Age of COVID-19- Webinar Presentation | PresentationsDetails

Members of the RLA Advisory board discuss discuss the struggles and issues in the reverse logistics industry resulting from this pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  Trish Boehm Director of Operations The Home Depot, Sean Magann Global VP of Sales and Marketing Sims Recycling Solutions, Julie Ryan Sr. Manager NA Returns & Remarketing HP, Inc., and Tevon Taylor Managing Director Technology Sales FedEx Supply Chain  share best practices these global companies have executed during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Technology for Electronics Lifecycle Management | PresentationsDetails

Creating a digital identity for electronics and the batteries that power them and uniting lifecycle stakeholders on a blockchain platform enables a circular economy for electronics. RLA and Everledger are part of 'Team Portables' which submitted a winning entry for the DoE Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Prize.

Utilizing High Density Labeling to Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction | PresentationsDetails

Reverse Logistics Association's Standards Committee development of the 12N QR Code.

What Can we do about Climate Change | PresentationsDetails

A Look into Acers commitment to Circular Economy.  Using the Product Lifecycle planning  to incorporate the circular economy.

Presentation: Anatomy of Return - Liquidity Services | PresentationsDetails
Presentation by Jim Rallo of Liquidity Services at the PostalVision 8.0, April 5,2018: Anatomy of a Return