Directory Use Policy

This directory contains a listing of companies that provide tools or services to the Reverse Logistics Industry. In the broadest sense this industry includes all aspects of Returns Management and is the cornerstone of the Circular Economy. We segment this industry into five categories: Returns, Repair, Resell, Recycle and Resources (or tools of the trade). Companies are listed in each category of service they provide.

DISCLAIMER: The information included herein is obtained from public sources and self-reporting. The RLA does not vouch for the accuracy of the information provided. This directory is dynamic and updated frequently. It includes as comprehensive and up to date of listings as we can determine. Non-member companies have been identified through Internet research and through affiliation with other trade associations. If you are aware of any missing companies, or wish your company to be listed, please email Listings are free. We reserve the right to include or exclude all entries.

  • Company profiles pages will need to be updated for the most up-to-date company info. Please refer to the Directory Tutorial (PDF) and Directory Video for information on how to update your company profile.
  • RLA may choose to list your company on the site and in the written directory even if the Primary User has not updated the company page IF that is your intention.
  • Non-members may be listed on-line below RLA Members. RLA Staff will be reviewing company profiles to determine if some non-member User of the Community will be included in the on-line and printed Directory. The printed edition that will be sent to approximately 50,000 subscribers. : Members/Non-Members were given until Aug 30 2021 to opt out of their company being listed on the RLA Site or the printed edition.
  • Only logged in members will see both Member and Non-Member companies.

Policies: The order of companies listed is by RLA membership level, and then in alphabetical order. Non-members only have access to the members listing, while for members the listing is extended to include non-member companies. This extended listing of service and tool providers offers RLA member companies pre-screening and access to a comprehensive guide to identify potential partners and resources. Non-member companies are listed at the end of the members listing. The extended listing is the basis for the annual printed version of the directory that is published as a Buyers Guide by DC Velocity Publications in partnership with the RLA. That publication is printed once a year and the deadline for inclusion is announced annually. A PDF version of that Buyers Guide is available on the DC Velocity website. The print version is also mailed to both the RLA and DC Velocity magazine subscribers. The print version includes a minimal company profile. RLA members are highlighted with entries in bold type.

Non-member companies and individuals who desire to access to extended on-line Directory can purchase a Monthly Membership of $49. Membership will provide access to the full Directory of Members and Non-Members/RLA Users. 

These policies and guidelines may be modified at any time without notice.