Edition 112, February 2021

Message From the Editor

By Felecia Przybyla, Reverse Logistics Association

This is normally one of my favorite times of the year, when we are busy, working endless hours, and stressed to make everything the best for our normal February Conf & Expo in Las Vegas.  That part may not sound like fun, but I love getting together at our event and meeting many of you face to face.  Of course, due to COVID-19, we’ve had to postpone the event.  This year, please be sure to save the date, as we plan to convene together again in Las Vegas, at the Mirage again, September 28-30.  Registration will be opening soon, once we have all details confirmed, but our exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities are available now to get the most out of the event marketing between now and then.   Check it out, and let us know if you have any questions:  https://rla.org/event/125

This edition is focused on Circular Economy, Sustainability, Recycling, and E-Waste.  A load of information and data are included with a range of focus in each article.   I find there is always something new to learn about how we can make our earth better and safer for human existence.  Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, third party service provider, or even reading this as a consumer, we all have our part to contribute to the circular economy.

As a family, we’ve recently purchased trash pickers for each member of our family.  We go for a lot of walks and hikes and thought it would be a great teaching experience for our children to learn about keeping our earth clean and to not only do our part to not litter but to do our part and help keep it beautiful.  But of course, there’s more to the Circular Economy than just keeping litter picked up. 

A video was just released recently from CNBC that includes interviews from RLA Members, ERI and iFixit.  I found a wealth of information shared here about recycling and e-waste, not only for those who work in the industry but for the everyday consumer who buys and hopefully recycles.  If you have a moment, you can find the video here:  https://rla.org/media/article/news-and-views/reverse-logistics-eri-challenges-electronic-waste-cnbc

Warm regards from your RLA Magazine Editor,
Felecia Przybyla

Felecia Przybyla

Felecia is RLA's Director of Media.  She has been with the company since 2010 and has held a variety of roles within RLA.  She started out working with speakers the first few years and is currently managing all Media needs including Editor of the RL Magazine, the RLA Smarter World e-News, monthly Events emails, social media and now directs the annual RLA Conf & Expo in Las Vegas.