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The State of the Circular Economy in America Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges- by Circular CoLab | Free User DownloadsDetails
This report is about opportunities. Opportunities to create prosperity through positive environmental impact. Opportunities to develop businesses models that create job growth and investment. Opportunities to create an economy that allows us to REDEFINE our relationship to the planet.

Presentation: Riding the Returns Wave - USPS, Office of the Inspector General | Free User DownloadsDetails
Presentation by Ian Stanford of USPS, Office of the Inspector General at the PostalVision 8.0, 2018: Riding the Returns Wave

Feb 11 16:00 - CASE STUDY: The Compelling Case for Recovering Used Components | Free User DownloadsDetails

Increasingly the IT industry Manufacturing, Engineering and Supply Chain Executives are challenging their traditional corporate policies in regard to the reuse of used components in new system manufacture. It is the substantial (80%+) hard cash savings achieved by fulfilling manufacturing supply chain or spares inventory demand from used parts recovered from returned systems, that is driving the broader adoption of this corporate discipline. The potential cost savings are just too large to ignore, particularly as IT hardware margins are under increasing pressure. 

Mike Higgins, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Wisetek Solutions Limited

The Six Hidden Costs of Reverse Logistics - Re-released | Free User DownloadsDetails
Companies make money selling things, not taking them back. But companies automating the reverse logistics process have discovered a nontraditional but relatively easy way to move dollars to the bottom line. (4 pages)

Authors: Lee Norman and Warren Sumner, ClearOrbit