Edition 125, June 2023

Right to Repair

The Repair Association

You bought it, you should own it.  Period.

You should have the right to use it, modify it, and repair it whenever, wherever, and however you want.  It's our mission to make sure you can and we've been fighting for your right to fix. 

While we've been engaging in battles across the United States with the likes of Apple, we've got beef with John Deere as well.  Last month, Denver passed an agriculture Right to Repair bill aimed at putting more power in the hands of farmers.


John Deere controls about 53% of the tractor market, which gives them a lot of power over farmers. With great power comes great responsibility, and we believe Deere & Co. are abusing their power by restricting repair. A few examples:

  • Farmers have to go to dealerships for repair and Deere makes sure only they have access to the diagnostic tools, repair manuals, and the ability to bypass software restrictions that are needed
  • Dealersships are located hundreds of miles from farms in many cases, and repairs can take weeks while costing farmers thousands of dollars due to down equipment
  • Farms are critical infrastructure and high costs for farmers negatively impact consumers by increasing the cost of goods


Last year Colorado led the nation by passing the first Right to Repair law for wheelchairs. After an immense outcry from farmers and repair advocates, the Centennial state once again led the way by passing the first agriculture Right to Repair law.


Our movement is picking up momentum across the United States and throughout the world. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are coalescing around the simple idea that ownership rights are under attack and now is the time to do something about it.

54 Bills have been introduced in 28 states to prevent companies from restricting repairs on cars, electronics, appliances, ag equipment, and more.

WaPo: Right to Repair could become the next big political movement

An opinion piece in the Washington Post this week details the ways in which the issue appeals to people of various ideologies and socioeconomic backgrounds, and is seen as a potential opportunity for politicians looking to demonstrate real populist bona fides. The movement has gained bipartisan support. Read more...

LA Times: The new anti-trash mantra should be reduce, recycle — and repair

Right to Repair laws could be a solution to the growing problem of plastic waste from durable goods. These goods often contain plastic parts that do not biodegrade and contribute to the accumulation of plastic trash. By allowing consumers to repair malfunctioning appliances and electronics themselves or with a local fix-it shop, fair repair legislation could extend the useful lives of these products, saving consumers money and reducing waste. A proposed bill in California could make this a reality in the state. Read more...

Minnesota Reformer: Seize this chance to lead on right to repair

Minnesota lawmakers have passed Right to Repair, however, the bill still needs to obtain the governor's signature and overcome obstacles, including possible efforts by tech lobbyists to water it down. The right to repair benefits consumers financially and environmentally, but manufacturers often restrict access to tools and replacement parts, forcing consumers to rely on them for repairs. The bill promotes greater competition and protects consumers, small businesses, and the environment. Read More...

Winning feels great – and thank you for being a part of this victory, whether you made phone calls, sent texts, made a donation, or even just spread the word about how important this vote was. It feels like we’ve been winning a lot, especially in Colorado over the past few years, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Let’s keep the wins coming!

The Repair Association