Edition 113, April 2021

What's Up RLA

Reverse Logistics Association

On March 3rd, over 350 attendees benefited from our partnership with 6 River Systems. A new virtual event was held that included a thought leadership panel and a virtual site tour of Project Verte, followed by a Cocktail Mixology class.

Thought Leadership Panel: Listen to the latest regarding innovation in supply chain and reverse logistics during our panel discussion featuring industry experts, from Reverse Logistics Association, Dell, Project Verte, 6 River Systems and Supply Chain Now. Panelists answered questions and shared experiences around:

Scalability and Flexibility, Creating a Dynamic Supply Chain: We know companies, now more than ever, need to be agile and flexible in order to scale and meet growing and changing demand, but what are companies looking for when implementing innovative technologies to do just that.
The Indispensable Role of WMS in Reverse Logistics: What is the role of data and real-time visibility in fulfillment and reverse logistics?How can a WMS solution help maximize reverse logistics, allowing companies to reap greater savings and transform costs into profits?
Making the Case for Robots: How do collaborative robots support this idea of ‘creating a dynamic supply chain?’ How can robots and other innovative technologies alleviate the logistical and financial pains associated with fulfillment and returns?

Virtual Site Tour: In addition to the enlightening panel discussion, RLA is excited to present a virtual tour featuring Project Verte. See how Project Verte is disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain. By developing and utilizing innovative technologies, Project Verte is helping brands boost performance, enhance decision-making, reduce costs, and most importantly, grow. From AI-driven inventory planning and custom packaging to collaborative robots and a 360 photo studio, Project Verte is enabling and empowering brands to serve their customers with a best-in-class, seamless customer experience.

Visit https://projectverte.com to learn more.