Edition 114, June 2021

Message From the Editor

By Felecia Przybyla, Reverse Logistics Association

I recently visited the local zoo with my children and some friends. I was so excited to see reverse logistics concepts being taught and encouraged to zoo visitors. While visiting the Okapi exhibit (the forest giraffe), I found a sign that displayed all sorts of information about the Okapi. The sign shared observational notes on how the Okapi and the Giraffe are different and similar. But when you get to the bottom of that sign, I found a circled tip:

“Help Okapi by recycling your old cell phones so that less mining is needed in their natural habitat.”

Often when we talk about sustainability and a circular economy, we are more focused on keeping products out of landfills and responsible recycling, but to go full circle we also need to discuss reusing these cell phone parts. And of course, we all know it’s not just cell phone parts, but the concept can be applied to all products and pieces in the manufacturing and remanufacturing/repair/refurbishing world.

Perhaps more educating and showing how reusing affects wildlife will help consumers make more sustainable choices before they upgrade to the latest and greatest or throw something in the trash.

Warm regards from your
RLA Magazine Editor,
Felecia Przybyla

Felecia Przybyla

Felecia is RLA's Director of Media.  She has been with the company since 2010 and has held a variety of roles within RLA.  She started out working with speakers the first few years and is currently managing all Media needs including Editor of the RL Magazine, the RLA Smarter World e-News, monthly Events emails, social media and now directs the annual RLA Conf & Expo in Las Vegas.