Nobuyuki Shiroma

Information Technology / Operational Development


Joined Funai 1988 and have been working within Funai had many responsibilities. Since 2007 as one of Founding members of Funai Service Corporation, I was involved in multiple Reverse Logistic Project Implemented the Reserve logistic Operation for EMEA region and North America for Startup company Implemented the Exchange /Return /Repair ( In Warranty and Out of Warranty) Process. I am Full Stack developer and Network Administrator. Consider myself IT developer with background in operation. Currently emphasizing on IT implementation Management and New Business Development by Utilizing my past experience.

I enjoy walking in Zig Zag pattern carrying Club hitting ping pong size...


2425 Spiegel Drive
United States
Committee Role Start End
Consumer Products Committee Member 8/27/2021
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 8/27/2021