Sharon Richards

Director, Sales & Marketing


Sharon Richards holds directorships at Eurosoft (UK) Ltd. and its US operation, Eurosoft US Inc. Now in its 39th year, the Eurosoft team develop the innovative Pc-Check® diagnostic suite and ZeroData™ Windows® data erasure software solutions to maintain system hardware reliability, and sustainability. Sharon’s role ensures the team meet progressive testing needs within the value-chains of computer manufacturers and integrators, retail and public services, as well as the follow-on industries of computer repair, refurbishment and recycling. Priorities are creating frameworks that connect customers with test processes and tools, applying 30+ years’ experience gained in the global PC market. Active in the Standards committee, promoting the wider use of the 12N QR Code for logistics tracking. Sharon holds a masters in Marketing and Business from Nottingham Trent University, participates with Rotary International and continues to reside in the United Kingdom. Allegory: Take time to consider outcomes, plan for the past – reverse logistics happen.


3 St Stephens Road
Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 6JL
United Kingdom
Committee Role Start End
Standards Committee (EXPIRED) Member 8/13/2015