Tom Hilmes

VP Sales & Marketing


Tom Hilmes serves as the Senior Manager of Business Development for SRC Logistics Inc., based in Springfield, Missouri. A 30-year veteran of SRC and Remanufacturing, his background includes operations, supply-chain management, finance, sales, and business development. Tom has held leadership roles across multiple SRC’s subsidiaries including founding CEO of CNH Industrial Reman, LLC, a joint venture formed with CNH America in 2009. Serving in that role until 2016. Since inception, the operation has grown from $30m to nearly $200m today, now employing over 275 people in Springfield. Other roles with SRC include CEO/GM, Ceramex North America, GM, Great Game of Business, and Business Development Manager, SRC Holdings and SRC Heavy Duty. A strong advocate for best practices in remanufacturing supply chain management, Tom brings a wealth of business development experience in planning, building, and growing remanufacturing programs in the automotive, transportation, construction, industrial, and agricultural markets. As a certified coach, he shares his expertise with our Great Game of Business clients; helping them implement the principles and practices of open book management; specializing in financial literacy, budgeting, and gainshare program development. His true passion is developing the people that will grow the programs. In addition, Tom has served on several boards in our community including the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Missouri State University College of Business, Missouri Enterprise, Mercy Hospital, and OTC’s Plaster Center for Advanced Manufacturing.


United States
Committee Role Start End
Consumer Products Committee Member 1/10/2024