Mawgan Wilkins

SVP Strategic Transformation


‘A seasoned leader with a remarkable global track record in strategy development, operational execution, and innovation within Fortune 500 corporations. With a keen focus on creating impactful customer experiences, Mawgan has excelled in building and leading high-performance organizations, consistently delivering exceptional results aligned with customer and business key performance indicators. An expert in End-to-End Customer Experience, he held pivotal roles at various customer journey stages. He has played a significant role in developing strategy at Hitachi, Cisco and Orange Business. Throughout the years, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive operational savings by implementing efficient processes and technology and optimising operating models, leading to significant improvements in business cost, scalability and process efficiency, all while maintaining a relentless focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences. At OnProcess Technology, he focused on Strategic Transformation, enabling change, building strong relationships, and cultivating trust with OnProcess’ global customers.


268 Summer Street
BOSTON, MA 02210
United States
Committee Role Start End
RLA European Committee Member 6/21/2023
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 9/12/2022