Jennifer Foxworthy

Director Business Development - Integrated Supply Chain


Jennifer Foxworthy is the Director of Business Development at Triage Partners, LCC for the Integrated Supply Chain division. Jenn has over 25 years experience in the logistics software space with the majority of that time focused on digital transformation initiatives in reverse logistics. Her passion for innovation and precise attention to detail are important for the accuracy and success of the solutions Triage delivers to its customers.


Integrated Supply Chain

205 S Hoover Blvd, Suite 401
TAMPA, FL 33609
United States
Committee Role Start End
Women in Reverse Logistics Committee Co-Chair 4/4/2023
Consumer Products Committee Member 2/4/2022
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 2/4/2022
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 2/4/2022
RLA European Committee Member 2/4/2022