Cathy Roberson

Research Manager


Cathy has over 20 years within the supply chain market including eleven years with UPS where she spent most of her time on competitive and market analysis for the Supply Chain Solutions subsidiary. After UPS, Cathy spent several years with various supply chain consulting firms focusing on market research before starting her own supply chain market research firm, Logistics Trends & Insights. Prior to UPS, Cathy worked at an e-commerce consulting start-up and at several libraries as a reference librarian. Cathy also writes for Air Cargo World magazine and other publications and is a frequent speaker at various supply chain conferences.


United States
Committee Role Start End
Women in Reverse Logistics Committee RLA Advisor 7/15/2024
Women in Reverse Logistics Committee Member 5/31/2023
Consumer Products Committee Member 6/21/2021
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 6/21/2021
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 6/21/2021
RLA Standards Committee Member 6/21/2021
RLA European Committee Member 6/21/2021
Management Team Member 5/30/2021