Rob Spalding

Senior Consultant


Rob is Founder and Senior Consultant for Zero Ambition Consulting.

Zero Ambition is a sustainability consulting practice focused on enabling clients to maximize their zero waste sustainability goals, develop the circular economy and drive new corporate value via ESG-forward business practices.  Specialties include plastics waste & food waste and clients typically see a reduction in disposal costs with an increase in captured volumes. 

ZA draws its roots from the plastic recycling vertical known as: advanced recycling.  Advanced or chemical recycling enables companies to find new circular solutions for hard-to-recycle, complex plastics by returning plastics to their original monomers or beneficial fuels where contaminations are accounted for chemically, a process knows pyrolysis with virgin-quality results. 

Paramount in success for increasing plastics recycling is an adequate, specialized reverse supply chain for post-use plastics that may direct a scaled volume of quality plastic feedstock to a recycling project at the appropriate cost. This requires an alternative supply chain mindset and the correct partnerships that will maximize company assets and optimize efficiency in moving plastics with existing resources. 

Prior to Zero Ambition, Rob was a Director of Corporate Development for the advanced recycler Agilyx Corp. ( where Rob supported the growth of the company via strategic business development, joint-ventures and partnerships and created a first-of-its-kind reverse supply chain program with a national retail partner and global suppliers of post-use plastics across several industries such as healthcare, grocery and institutional (colleges & universities). The model serves now as one example for enabling the future growth and scalability for capturing plastics and and growing the global recycling rate from 10 to 90% in a circular fashion. Agilyx completed an IPO in September of 2020.  


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