Eileen Conway

VP Alliances and Marketing


Entrepreneurial marketing and alliance business development manager with a focus on the high tech industry. Four years in direct hands on development of software applications at Siebel systems. Six plus years as a sales manager directing teams of more than eleven reps. And more than fifteen years experience in channel sales and marketing. 2012 Silver Medal Recipient from The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for perilous water rescue.



268 Summer Street
BOSTON, MA 02210
United States
Committee Role Start End
Women in Reverse Logistics Committee Co-Chair 3/21/2023 3/21/2023
Conference and Summit for RLA Members Member 9/22/2022 3/27/2023
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 1/10/2022 3/27/2023
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 1/10/2022 5/1/2023
Consumer Products Committee Member 1/10/2022 3/27/2023
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 9/15/2020 3/27/2023