Tom Landry



Headquartered in Spring, TX, Allegiance Staffing has operations in 14 states and continues to expand. In 2001, Tom Landry was a co-founder of the company. Under his leadership, Allegiance Staffing has become one of only 13 staffing companies to be named “Best in Staffing” by Clearly Rated 11 consecutive years (2010 – 2020). This prestigious award is based 100% on client satisfaction. Tom has made his career in the staffing industry for the past 34 years and has operated his own firm for 28 of those years. He created and successfully implemented the Allegiance “ 3 Way” hiring system that has dramatically outperformed the staffing industry in producing high quality talent and unparalleled talent retention rates. He is the past President of the Texas Association of Staffing, and currently serves on the Safety and Worker Comp Committee of the American Staffing Association. In 2016 he was named to “The Staffing 100” by Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the most influential people in staffing. A sought after speaker, Tom has presented at the WERC, CPA and IWLA annual conferences on Total Cost of Ownership, Affordable Care Act compliance, Immigration compliance and OSHA regulations. Tom has published several papers on effective purchasing of talent to reduce cost. “My total focus is aligning with my customers, understanding the drivers of how they make money and delivering a service that maximizes the output of the talent we provide them. In logistics, packaging and manufacturing, labor efficiency is the key to profitability and Allegiance is all about delivering tangible, sustainable results. “Labor resources optimized” is more than a motto it is who we are and why we exist as a company.


6351 S Desert Blvd, Suite 211
EL PASO, TX 77389
United States
Committee Role Start End
Consumer Products Committee (EXPIRED) Member 6/24/2020
Recycling & Sustainability Committee (EXPIRED) Member 6/24/2020
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee (EXPIRED) Member 6/24/2020
RLA Standards Committee (EXPIRED) Member 6/24/2020