Christine Loya

Business Development Manager


Christine Loya is a Business Development Manager with over 15 years of sales experience in addition to research and acquisition experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. She lives in College Station, Texas with her two daughters, Abby and Mia. Together they enjoy an active lifestyle that consists of fitness, traveling and various other activities. Christine has been recognized for her strong work ethic, attention to detail and positive attitude by past colleagues and associates.


Alpharetta, GA 30075
United States
Committee Role Start End
Standards Committee Member 4/24/2020
Consumer Products Committee Member 12/26/2019
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 12/26/2019
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 12/26/2019
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 12/26/2019
Management Team Member 12/2/2019