Yossi Green



Yossi is always on the move – managing everything operations-related: programming, software development, processes, operations management and compliance. He is fearless at tackling complex logistical issues, setting up processes and back-end protocols to ensure that B2B Mobile Auction processes 60,000+ items a month efficiently, cost-effectively – and securely. His hands-on oversight includes all levels of fulfillment: purchasing, bookkeeping, receiving, warehouse, processing, testing, wiping, grading, shipping and fulfillment. Additionally, he spearheads the company’s Responsible Recycling and Software Flashing Solutions initiatives.

Find out more about us at www.B2BMobileAuction.com and www.Techsaferecyclers.com


United States
Committee Role Start End
Wireless and Mobility Committee Member 7/9/2020
Consumer Products Committee Member 7/9/2020
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 7/9/2020
Service, Parts & Warranty Committee Member 7/9/2020
RLA Standards Committee Member 7/9/2020