Adrienna Zsakay

Executive Director


Originally from Australia, Ms Adrienna Zsakay first visited Asia when she was 18 for a holiday to Bali. That four week trip changed her life forever, resulting in residences in India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia as well as travels to other parts of the region. Over the last 40 years Adrienna has witnessed tremendous development and change. For more than 15 years Adrienna worked in the food industry, setting up a food import company in South Korea and later built the world’s largest free database of Asian food regulations while living in Thailand. Adrienna has a BA(Asian Studies & Politics) from the University of Western Australia and has studied International and Asian food law from Michigan State University. For more information please refer to her Linkedin profile. She became interested in the design, efficiencies and convenience of recycling collection systems, within the Asian context, when she moved to Thailand after living in South Korea. What started as a serious hobby morphed into a full-time role after she was introduced to the circular economy and its values and principles, founding Circular Economy Asia in 2016.

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Committee Role Start End
Consumer Products Committee Member 8/14/2019 4/30/2021
Recycling & Sustainability Committee Member 12/10/2018 4/30/2021