Chris Cloutier

Lead Program Manager


Mr Cloutier has over 20 years experience turning environmental challenges into economic opportunities. With in-depth experience in waste and recycling; energy; energy efficiency; and, corporate sustainability Mr. Cloutier brings a comprehensive understanding of the issues businesses face today. Currently, Mr. Cloutier is leading CoreCentric Solutions sustainability and business development efforts. Before CoreCentric Mr. Cloutier worked for a consulting firm whose clients included the US EPA, US DOE, Best Buy, Grainger, Sears, Lowes, Whirlpool and a number of utility companies. Mr. Cloutier set up and ran Best Buy\\\'s first-ever electronics recycling program; managed the US DOE\\\'s Dollars for Dishwashers Stimulus program, and provided leadership and direction for the DesignLights Consortium. Comfortable on the sales floor or the C-suite, Mr. Cloutier is an adaptable leader who can help turn problems into profit.


1000 Nicollet Mall HQ
1000 Nicollet Mall TPS-3165
United States
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Consumer Products Committee Member 11/13/2019