RLA Podcasts

RLA continues to participate in several media outlets to keep the public updated on the reverse logistics industry.  Find our latest podcasts below:

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Supply Chain Now Network now hosts the Reverse Logistics Podcast Series 

Join hosts Scott Luton, founder of SCNR, with Greg White, Principle & host of SCNR, and Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association, as they discuss reverse logistics topics with experts in the industry.

Find all podcasts from the Reverse Logistics Series here: https://supplychainnowradio.com/reverse-logistics-series/

November 2020:  How Passion Solved a Big Commercial Challenge

Inspiring Conversations with Real Leaders:  Rebecca & Callum Jenkins interview Tony Sciarrotta Executive Director of the RLA.  Discover how Tony's passion led to leading an organization.

Listen to Our Lead To Succeed podcast at:  https://www.leadtosucceed.today/e/taking-a-holistic-approach-to-solving-a-company-wide-problem-in-an-emerging-sector-with-tony-sciarrotta-of-the-rla/

October 2020:  Managing Returns in an Uncertain Market

JOC Uncharted is a virtual series created by the JOC team featuring a lineup of industry leaders discussing the current state of play, where things may be headed, and what the post COVID-19 future will look like.   Listen to this episode with Cathy Morrow Roberson, Senior Contributor, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit discussing returns with Tony Sciarriotta, Executive Director of RLA. 

Find the episode here:  https://www.joc.com/uncharted/uncharted-episode-22

September 2020: A Tsunami of Returns and Understanding Reverse Logistics

Podcast with Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, Faculty Member, Transportation and Logistics Management, American Public University and Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of RLA. 

Find the podcast and transcript here:  https://onlinecareertips.com/2020/09/podcast-tsunami-returns-understanding-reverse-logistics/

July 2020: Optimize Reverse Logistics with Tony Sciarrotta 

Listen in to this interview podcast on the ‘Impact! with John Shegerian’.  

Find the podcast here:  https://impactpodcast.com/episode/2020/07/optimize-reverse-logistics-with-tony-sciarrotta/

June 2020:  Business Continuity and Employee Safety during COVID-19

Podcast interview with Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association & Dick Van Deventer, CEO of CSAT Solutions

Find the audio podcast herehttps://youtu.be/ZBLonG3bUpE

Visit http://www.csat-solutions.com/index.html for more information

June 2020:  RLA and the Changing Returns Landscape on SMC3 Quick Take 

Tony Sciarrotta talks about how and why RLA will help your company reduce costs in all things returns and reverse logistics

Find the video podcast here:  https://youtu.be/0ob2II1Pxko

August 2019: Returns and Reverse Logistics 101 – A Journey of Success 

Podcast with Bill Baron, Co-Founder ITAD Technologies and Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of RLA. 

Find the podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOpjE_ye6FE

April 2017:  Inside the Returns and Reverse Logistics Business  

Podcast with Ian Kerr, Founder of the Postal Podcast Hub and Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of RLA.

Find the podcast here:  http://www.thepostalhub.com/podcasts/ecommerce-returns-and-reverse-logistics