Edition 126, August 2023

Message from the Editor

By Felecia Przybyla, Reverse Logistics Association

Time is flying by. I feel like we just finished our flagship Vegas 2023 event, but here we are in July with our 2023 RLA EMEA Summit having just occurred last month. Next up is our RLA Leadership Summit in Atlanta in September. This is a special event for our Silver and up members to gather in a more intimate setting for more one-on-one interaction, while contributing to the direction of the association. And of course, we are already preparing for our next RLA Conference & Expo event in 2024. We'll be back at the Mirage, February 6-8, 2024. Registration is now open, and we are filling the booths and sponsorship opportunities are posted. Be sure to get it on your calendar, register now, and book your hotel rooms. With the Superbowl taking place in Vegas that weekend following the event, you want to secure your spot as soon as possible. The RLA is run by it's members, and we are always seeking input on what you need from the association and how to always improve. Be sure to take our surveys that we send out, not only for event feedback, but we also need your participation in our industry research surveys. Look out for the Quarterly Returns Management Survey as well as our Going Circular - a Returns Survey.

Felecia Przybyla
Felecia is RLA's Director of Media. She has been with the company since 2010 and has held a variety of roles within RLA. She started out working with speakers the first few years and is currently managing all Media needs including Editor of the RL Magazine, the RLA Smarter World e-News, monthly Events emails, social media and now directs the annual RLA Conf & Expo in Las Vegas.