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Learning Patience in an On-Demand Society

March 3, 2022

This episode was recorded at the 18th annual Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, the center of returns management, reverse logistics, and more.

Host Scott Luton was joined by Chris Bleess, Vice President, Sales and Partnerships at Service Central Technologies, a provider of cloud-based SAS applications for aftermarket services. They can manage aftermarket repairs in a retail setting, via large depots, and through their service provider network.

In this conversation, Scott and Chris discuss:

  • The complexities of ‘right to repair,’ especially for manufacturers with proprietary tools
  • How high he thinks return volumes will get in 2022
  • How mass personalization and customization will affect the eCommerce shopping experience – and maybe the returns process too

Watch or Listen here: https://supplychainnow.com/learning-patience-on-demand-society-845/