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Customer Experience You Can Measure: Sizing Up the World of Returns With MySize's Tal Weber

Supply Chain Now

February 7, 2022

This episode was recorded at the 18th annual Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, the center of returns management, reverse logistics, and more.

Whether you’re getting ready to paint a room in your home or order a new suit, measurements are usually a huge pain. And getting them wrong leads to disappointment, delays … and the dreaded return. Plus, the problem isn’t just for consumers–imagine the hassle and expense of incorrect pallet sizes making an international journey. But before you pinch your fingers on the tape measure in despair yet again, check out the MySize way of doing measurements. We were so intrigued by this mobile device-based approach to measuring that Scott and special guest co-host Cathy Roberson sat down with MySize’s Head of Partnerships Tal Weber to learn more about the company, how they’re changing the customer experience–and where Tal sees the world of returns going in the future.

Watch or Listen here:  https://supplychainnow.com/customer-experience-you-can-measure-mysize-835/