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Blancco’s New Solution, Intelligent Business Routing, Enables ITADS to Accelerate Business Processes


August 19, 2020

Press Release: August 19, 2020—Blancco Technology Group (LON: BLTG), the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics, recently launched its strategic solution for ITAD business process management.

Intelligent Business Routing (IBR) takes asset diagnostics and secure data erasure automation to the next level, harnessing Blancco-patented workflow technologies across IT asset disposal operations. The result is a robust, yet simple-to-use subscription service that dramatically decreases the time required for ITADs to move decommissioned drives and devices from receipt to resale. 

“Blancco has established automated back-of-house workflows before, but for mobile device processing,” said Russ Ernst, EVP Products & Technology. “Building on that success, IBR integrates both automation and integration to increase efficiency and reduce the hands-on labor needed to process data storage devices and drives.”

Using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, ITAD managers can specify commands to form simple or complex workflows that direct assets through the appropriate erasure, validation and reporting stages, minimizing the need for operator involvement and accelerating processing time.

For the data erasure state alone, initial pilot results show a 10 to 20 percent time savings compared to executing data erasure without IBR.

ITADs can also automatically route devices through different processes based on almost any number of factors. This greatly accelerates the speed at which ITADs can separate marketable devices from those best reserved for reusable parts or recyclable components. Easily programmed instructions can initiate specific processes for premium products versus lesser-value items. These automated and repeatable commands eliminate the vast majority of ad hoc decisions for each project and shorten the time from receiving a device to recouping its value.

In short, Intelligent Business Routing streamlines and accelerates ITAD business processes by automating tracking, grading, sanitizing, reimaging and reporting for IT assets.

The upcoming “Blancco Bytes: Intelligent Business Routing Webinar Series” takes a deep dive into three of the core functions of IBR:

1. “Sail Through Sanitization Stalls with Intelligent Erasure Fallback” demonstrates how to easily customize workflows so that if a primary erasure standard doesn’t apply, a backup standard kicks in, allowing more devices to be sanitized more quickly.

2. “Speed Up Asset Sorting with Automated Cut-Line Decision Making” explains how IBR streamlines sorting by device type, hardware configuration, storage capacity and more to quickly categorize assets.

3. “Dynamically Deploy Diagnostics Tests for Maximum Resale Opportunities” focuses on how IBR directs each asset through the right diagnostics tests, based on customizable rules, to get ITADs the most value from device resale, parts reuse, or component recycling.

Find out more and register here.

About Blancco Technology Group

Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics software. Blancco data erasure solutions provide thousands of organizations with the tools they need to add an additional layer of security to their endpoint security policies through secure erasure of IT assets. All erasures are verified and certified through a tamper-proof audit trail.

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories.