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Google Pixel 6a Owners Can Finally Get DIY Repair Parts From iFixit

November 7, 2022

iFixit's online shop is now showing parts in stock for the Pixel 6a, including options to buy only the components on their own or the components along with the various tools needed to open up the phone and make the parts swap. If you already have tools from other gadget repairs, the odds are you'll be fine with just the component, but if you don't have any phone-repair tools, you'll want to get some — attempting a repair using the wrong tools can be a very expensive mistake.

The product catalog includes all of the components that are most likely to need repairs on a smartphone, including everything from the simple 5G antenna cable all the way to the full motherboard. There's also a replacement SIM card tray, the vibration motor, rear and front cameras, the loudspeaker and earpiece speaker, the 5G antenna itself, and, of course, the screen and battery. 

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