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Supply Chain Careers Podcast with Tony Sciarrotta

May 12, 2021

Supply Chain Career Podcast: Reverse Logistics Association Executive – Tony Sciarrotta

Hosts: Mike Ogle and Rodney Apple

In This Episode: Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director and Publisher of the Reverse Logistics Association shares his supply chain career journey, starting with a successful sales career at Sony and Philips, where he was asked to manage returns, to finding out it takes a director level to effectively manage returns and reverse logistics in an organization. Tony also shares his top three nuggets of advice to navigating reverse logistics, plus how to work effectively with the 800-pound gorillas in the industry, and shares the value of pursuing a cross-organization career like reverse logistics, the ability to unlock great financial opportunities, and the ability to help the planet in an age of increasing e-commerce and the circular economy.

Find the full podcast and transcript here:  https://supplychaincareers.com/podcast-reverse-logistics-career-tony-sciarrotta/