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Giving Forward at the Reverse Logistics Association Conference with Claudia Freed

Supply Chain Now

February 8, 2022

This episode was recorded at the 18th annual Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, the center returns management, reverse logistics, and more.

Host Scott Luton was joined by Claudia Freed, President & CEO of EALgreen, where she helps students get an education beyond high school. By helping logistics companies offload unneeded equipment, she helps technical schools train new drivers – starting them down the path of productive a lifelong career.

In this conversation, Claudia shares her point of view on:

  • Why it is important not to ignore the environmental impact of logistics
  • The best way to incentivize people to adopt new habits that last over the long term
  • Her enthusiasm for the increased diversity of people, backgrounds, and perspectives as the field of logistics embraces the next generation

Watch or Listen here:  https://supplychainnow.com/giving-forward-reverse-logistics-association-839/