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3 Things Retailers Need to Understand About the World of Reverse Logistics

National Retail Federation

April 3, 2024

Retailers have never been more aware of the importance of sustainability practices and the environmental, economic, social and consumer benefits that accompany them. With a growing focus on consumer demand for sustainable offerings, companies are exploring the circular economy and how it plays a vital role in broader sustainability initiatives.

Reverse logistics used to focus only on reducing the financial loss resulting from unsold or returned products. It is now seen as the backbone of a circular economy, managing the collection, sorting, repairing and refurbishing of products for resale and recycling. A comprehensive reverse logistics strategy helps companies reduce administrative, transportation and support costs, increase product velocity and asset value recovery, and generate sustainability benefits by eliminating or significantly reducing products and materials being sent to landfill.

At the Reverse Logistics Association’s annual conference earlier this year in Las Vegas, retail industry professionals and solution providers gathered to connect, collaborate and learn from each other.

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