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Reverse Logistics Association Announces Publication of Going Circular by Rich Bulger, CEO of RecirQ Global

February 5, 2024

[Atlanta, Georgia] – The Reverse Logistics Association today announced the publication of the book Going Circular by RLA member and former RLA Advisory Board member Rich Bulger, CEO of RecirQ Global.

The book provides valuable insights and analysis in the evolving field of reverse logistics and follows the highly regarded book Going Backwards: Reverse Logistics Trends and Practices, written by Dr. Dale Rogers and Dr. Ron Lembke and published in 1998.

“This book is a practical guide, shaped by my diverse experiences as a sales leader, logistical director, RLA board member, soldier and student. It aims to be a dynamic learning tool, evolving alongside trends in reverse logistics, including the circular economy and green logistics,” said Bulger.

“This book is a much-needed blueprint for companies to join the circular economy and make a difference. The difference is to help the planet and help companies find ways to reduce returns, reuse products for second and third lives, repair them whenever possible, and recycle them back to raw materials. As Rich shows, this can be done. In fact, not only can it be done, but companies can also make a profit and make a difference,” said Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association and Publisher of RL Magazine.

The official launch date for Going Circular is Feb. 5, the day before the 20th annual Reverse Logistics Association Conference. Bulger will speak about his book at the conference and all registered attendees will receive a copy.

Going Circular sheds much-deserved light on the vital role of reverse logistics within the retail landscape. This book serves as a crucial resource, educating and emphasizing the significance of reverse and circular logistics,” said Sender Shamiss, CEO of goTRG and RLA member.

About RecirQ Global

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goTRG transforms returns into profit-driven opportunities for the world's largest retailers and manufacturers. As the only company to offer returns management solutions for the complete reverse lifecycle, goTRG can enable returns from anywhere to anywhere, identify the most lucrative disposition path, manage the entire reverse supply chain process (including refurbishment, repair, sanitization, data wiping, accessorizing, re-kitting), route items to the most profitable resale channels and physically and financially reconcile the entire product return journey. This end-to-end approach guarantees maximum exposure and highest recovery for returns and distressed inventory. goTRG was named to Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list and Inc 5000's Fastest Growing Companies list in 2021.

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