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ReverseLogix and Overhaul Announce Partnership

October 11, 2022

ReverseLogix, a provider of end-to-end returns management systems, announced a partnership with Overhaul, a solution that delivers a unified view of supply chain ecosystems in real-time.

This partnership provides business-to-business (B2B) organizations with ReverseLogix's powerful returns management system (RMS) coupled with Overhaul's unique data-agnostic supply chain visibility and security software and services.

According to McKinsey, eCommerce is now the most effective sales channel for a plurality of B2B enterprises. However, the increase in eCommerce purchases is leading to larger volumes of product returns. This, in addition to uncertain supply chain environments, rising costs, and complex returns management, demands a new level of reverse supply chain tools and visibility.

With ReverseLogix and Overhaul, customers gain a comprehensive technology to help manage the entire returns lifecycle with powerful real-time, in-transit visibility down to the SKU level. Together, these solutions help companies proactively address issues, pinpoint areas to lower costs and identify ways to improve process efficiency.

"Our partnership unlocks new opportunities for speed and cost-savings, making it easier to address the big challenges or fine-tune steps of returns management," said Gaurav Saran, CEO of ReverseLogix. "We are pleased to collaborate with Overhaul and give forward-thinking companies purpose-built solutions that can transform reverse logistics into a competitive advantage."

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