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ServiceManager 8.0 Gives Customers an Updated Experience as Returns Increase


July 7, 2020

ServiceManager 8.0 Gives Customers an Updated Experience as Returns Increase

ATLANTA, Jul. 7, 2020—ServiceCentral released its ServiceManager™ 8.0 upgrade today providing customers with enhanced usability and an improved user experience in time for increased return volumes during reopening. In designing the upgrade, ServiceManager developers worked closely with OEM, 3PL, and depot customers to understand their needs.

“ServiceManager 8.0 delivers a modern, clean user experience that can be configured to improve productivity and support your internal and mobile workforce as well as your connected customers and partners. It’s now easier and faster to access and process your service data whether you’re on a mobile device, on the shop floor, or in the executive suite,” said Darrell Morales, chief operating officer at ServiceCentral.

Designed in collaboration with enterprise customers providing after-sales services, the software updates were developed with complex business processes in mind.

“Whether it’s your laptop, your phone, or a lifesaving medical device, being without a product you depend on is inconvenient at the very least. Today’s consumer expects faster turnaround times, more control over costs, and better visibility into processes. ServiceCentral software empowers our customers to be more efficient and provides them with business intelligence tools to help them reduce costs.” said James Schellhorn, ServiceCentral’s chief business development officer.

To see ServiceManager 8.0 in action and learn how it can lower your operating costs and simplify your processes, contact sales@servicecentral.com or visit servicecentral.com.

For more insight from COO Darrell Morales on the latest version of ServiceManager, read our full interview.

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