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Silicon Mountain - Reduce, Repair, Recycle

June 10, 2021

Back in 2013, The Vested Group was introduced to a client in the electronic recycling industry. After seeing how complex the business of secondary electronics is and how much waste was being created, we knew we had to bring awareness to this issue - so we did the unthinkable and made a movie! Silicon Mountain is the documentary that explores the cycle of e-waste and what businesses in the electronic recycling industry are doing to solve the problem.

We'd love to give you the opportunity to watch the 25-minute film that will change the way you look at your electronics... Electronics are not only evolving but getting even more complicated to recycle and repair for future use. If Silicon Mountain opens your eyes as much as it did ours, please help us spread the word! You can also find more about why we made the film and more e-waste facts at www.siliconmountainmovie.com.

If you have questions or want to know more about The Vested Group and NetSuite, this is a great place to start.