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ReturnQueen Expands Footprint with Debut of Nationwide Service Offering


June 29, 2023

ReturnQueen, the country’s leading, on-demand, mobile-app-based online return concierge, today announced it is expanding its service nationwide to provide customers with returns from any store, no matter where they’re located across the United States. Customers can simply pack up and label their items, then let ReturnQueen know where and when to collect them.

“As a result of ReturnQueen’s heightened consumer demand across the U.S., we’re thrilled to now be able to offer our service to our customers nationwide,” said Daphna Englard, Co-Chief Executive Officer at ReturnQueen. “At ReturnQueen, we’re not just a returns solution, we’re a full-service reverse logistics company with the mission to provide customers with the best possible returns experience to help save money and time. Our expanded offering will keep your returns stress-free, no matter where you are located across the United States.”

Starting at just $7, ReturnQueen helps customers return all of their items from all of their favorite retailers. All they need to do is place a pickup through the app and ReturnQueen will collect all of the items from their doorstep and ship them out. ReturnQueen handles it all, contact-free. To access ReturnQueen, simply download the ReturnQueen app in the App Store or Google Play and follow a few easy steps.

The first-to-market of its kind, ReturnQueen will continue to rapidly evolve its service offerings to ensure users are truly able to return anything, from anywhere. For as little as $7-$9 per pickup, $19 per month for unlimited pickups, or $99 per year for an Annual Membership, all members have to do is drop their items for return at their front door. ReturnQueen’s new, expanded nationwide service offers pickups from any location across the U.S., while the premium package-less and printer-less service is available in more than 20 cities/states and rapidly growing.

For more information on ReturnQueen, please visit: https://returnqueen.com/ 

About ReturnQueen:

Disrupting online returns as they are known, ReturnQueen is a first-to-market of its kind app that provides full-service on-demand returns—including doorstep pickups, sorting, boxing, taping, labeling and shipping—for members. ReturnQueen now operates in every zip code across the United States and continues to expand in its mission to make returns (of anything) easier (for everyone). ReturnQueen’s enhancement of the post-purchase life cycle improves customer satisfaction and yields invaluable retention, truly changing the game for the online shopping industry at large.