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Newmine and Purple Squirrel Partners Provide Retailers with an Avenue to Reduce Returns


April 12, 2023

Ninety-one percent of retailers are experiencing an increase in returns, yet only 19% have a strategic returns program, according to Incisiv. These findings underscore the pressing opportunity for retailers to equip themselves and address the growing issue of returns.

Newmine and Purple Squirrel Partners (PSP) are turning the return equation on its head by combining PSP’s services with Newmine’s Chief Returns Officer® to provide retailers with a strategic returns reduction program. This partnership provides retailers with an accelerated service by combining PSP’s experienced returns advisors with Newmine’s AI solution, which identifies anomalies and recommends correctable actions to prevent returns, improve profitability and build customer loyalty.

“Many companies don’t have the tools or know where to start when it comes to preventing returns,” said Navjit Bhasin, Founder & CEO of Newmine. “Purple Squirrel Partners has extensive knowledge and expertise in this area, so we’re pleased to work with them.”

“Retailers tend to deploy tools that address just the logistics issues surrounding merchandise returns, which does not reduce the volume or expose the root causes of the problem. Newmine changes the game, providing actionable insights that resolve issues upstream to lower the return rate and deliver significant ROI,” said Tony Arona, Managing Partner of Purple Squirrel Partners.

Read the article here: https://www.newmine.com/blog/newmine-and-purple-squirrel-partners-provide-retailers-with-an-avenue-to-reduce-returns?utm_medium=email&utm_content=16d0R5J3zJNmZYmWKB-vY2likXqv79_ET_6EswSiaBojgd_d1N6VNqAajpKEoSd-