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Making Phones Easier to Repair is Important Even Though You'll Never Try It

September 23, 2022

It's easier than ever to fix your phone even though it's not really easy. This is a really big deal and it's been a long road to get to this point, and we should all be happy about it even though chances are none of us will ever attempt to do it.

The latest iPhone is the newest model to be touted as "easy" to repair but we've seen official programs from both Google and Samsung designed to make the availability of parts more accessible and even change the way things are put together, making it more simple to take it back apart.

While ultimately these changes were from the companies making our phones, much of the credit goes to legislation. In the U.S. we've seen an executive order that calls on the FTC to make manufacturers accountable for “making repairs more costly and time-consuming, such as by restricting the distribution of parts, diagnostics, and repair tools” and the French government has forced manufacturers to post an actual reparability score alongside the price.

This is the sort of policy that forces companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung to address the problems that come with building products designed to have short lives. E-waste is a serious problem that requires aggressive solutions.

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