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How Should I Handle Returns from Canada?

Passport Global

April 3, 2023

To provide the best customer experience, e-commerce brands should offer a clear return policy and the internal logistics to support it. While a ‘No Return’ policy is the easiest route, the money saved might not outweigh lost revenue. An international e-commerce sales experience that mirrors a domestic one creates shopper confidence, conversion, and loyalty.

How to process return packages from Canada

Robust returns management or reverse logistics processes include:

  • Automatic shipping labels or labels in the box
  • Consolidated return packages shipped in bulk
  • Fast refunds when packages are received by the carrier
  • Option for exchanges or inventory disposition

Can you get duty and tax refunded on returns from Canada?

Canada is one of the few countries that gives shoppers a way to request a refund of duties and taxes paid on an item that was subsequently returned. Through the Casual Refund Program, Canadian shoppers can submit a request directly to CBSA and receive a refund of duties and taxes in 6 to 8 weeks.

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