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How Radius Recycling Became The World's Most Sustainable Company

August 16, 2023

Radius Recycling (SCHN), recently named the world’s most sustainable company, is a $2.5 billion organization with more than a century’s expertise in metals recycling. As one of North America’s largest manufacturers and exporters of recycled metal products, the company’s integrated operating model advances a circular economy where metals never become waste and are redesigned into new products.

Tamara Lundgren is the chairman, president and CEO of Radius Recycling, previously known as Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. Lundgren joined the company in 2005 as chief strategy officer and held positions of increasing responsibility, becoming executive vice president and then chief operating officer before advancing to her current position of CEO.

Lundgren said, “Many people don't understand the vital role of metal in society and civilization. The use of metal and the rise of civilization are highly correlated. For example, steel is the most recycled commodity in the world. There's more steel recycled every year than glass, paper, plastic and wood combined. Unlike paper, which ultimately dissipates once recycled too many times, steel can be recycled infinitely. “

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