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How goTRG Helps Retailers Make Money from Returns

August 17, 2021

From the September 1 RLA Smarter World e-News “Reverse logistics”—the process of handling returned merchandise—has become increasingly complex. Retailers have to determine whether each returned item is fit to go back on shelves, can be refurbished, or must be scrapped. Stores have used disparate technologies and even manual systems to do this, to little effect: Some 5 billion pounds of merchandise go to waste annually. goTRG oversees more than 45 million returned items per year for major retailers and manufacturers, using sophisticated software and a fleet of massive warehouses. After integrating specifics about each retailer’s catalogs, goTRG’s artificial intelligence determines the most profitable outcome for every item. Products may be refurbished, donated, recycled, or used for parts—all within goTRG facilities. “Our goal,” says cofounder and CEO Sender Shamiss, “is to convince retailers to give products a second life.”

Find the full story here:  https://www.fastcompany.com/90661932/this-reverse-logistics-company-helps-retailers-make-money-from-returns?icid=dan902:754:0:editRecirc&utm_medium=email&utm_content=XTE27CDMONapBvWeyZj-2w0MBvYxtBu5W19MjHmHd1FNusuJerVIss0s6_QKQoX_