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Learn How Amazon Uses AI to Spot Damaged Products Before They’re Shipped to Customers


June 3, 2024

Inside Amazon fulfillment centers across North America, millions of products ranging from dog food and phone cases to T-shirts and books pass through imaging tunnels every day, where one artificial intelligence (AI) model named “Project P.I.,” which stands for “private investigator,” uses detective-like tools to scan items for defects. The goal? To ensure customers are delighted by every order they receive.

Using a combination of generative AI and computer vision technologies, Project P.I. is able to uncover defects, like damaged products or issues like wrong color or size, before products reach customers. In addition, Project P.I. can help identify the root cause of issues, enabling preventative measures upstream to prevent them from happening again. At the sites where the system is available, it has proven adept at sorting through the millions of items that pass through the tunnels each month and accurately identifying product issues.

Read the article here: https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/innovation-at-amazon/amazon-ai-sustainability-carbon-footprint-product-defects